Thursday, October 14, 2010

SMSCaster SMS mail merging software.

SMSCaster is a great powerful SMS message sending and SMS mail merging software which allows you to send customized marketing & advertising SMS from the computer. It differs from other desktop texting software which relies on an Internet SMS gateway. Instead, here you use your existing mobile phone, GSM modem or cellular terminal and connect it to the computer. The connection can be done via a USB data cable, serial data cable or Bluetooth COM port.
The greatest advantage is that you can create an excel file with the phone number name and other five customizable fields and then this can  be imported to the software to send customized SMS to each person. Before importing save the excel file as a csv file using save as option. The software supports Long SMS, Flash SMS, SMS Mail Merge etc. for Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola mobile phones. Free version and paid versions are available but the free version is also powerful but with the small advertisement about SMScaster in the sms text. So many message sending options and bundled features are available in the software which is worth trying.

Download SMScaster

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Windows Memory Diagnostic - Tool to check RAM

Windows Memory Diagnostic is a handy and dependable tool created by Microsoft to test the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer for errors. If Windows Memory Diagnostic reports any errors, then one or more memory components is failing.
To run Windows Memory Diagnostic, you must first set up Windows Memory Diagnostic on a 3.5-inch floppy disk or CD-ROM.
Steps involved
1. Download mtinst.exe from the link provided below.
2. Go to the directory where you saved the Windows Memory Diagnostic executable file, mtinst.exe and run it.
3. Create a flopy or compact disk as you like.
4. Restart your computer with the flopy/CD inserted in your system.
5. In the boot sequence, the drive with the Windows Memory Diagnostic disk must precede any other devices on which there is a bootable program, such as a hard disk on which Windows is installed. You can configure the boot sequence in the BIOS settings. On most computers, the default boot sequence includes the floppy drive. For more information about configuring the boot sequence, see the documentation for your motherboard.
6. Windows Memory Diagnostic includes a comprehensive set of memory tests that provide varying degrees of testing thoroughness. The tests are organized into three predefined test suites namely basic, standard, and extended and can be selected through shortcuts.
Once you have created a diagnostic disc, it can be used to check any system in an emergency and will be an invaluable addition to your tool kit.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

VDownloader - download and convert Youtube videos

VDownloader is a handy free software which will help you to download and convert videos from most popular video sites including Youtube, Google video and MySpace.
VDownloader can save videos in many formats, including AVI, MPG, iPOD/iPHONE, PSP, 3GP, NOKIA N8x0, VCD, SVCD, DVD, FLV and MP3 (audio only).
Another handy feature is the powerful search engine which will help you to find and download the required files.Its integrated web browser allows you to visit video sites and download videos directly from the browser.You can even share your favorite videos by posting them to your social sites like Orkut and Facebook.

Click here to view the screanshots.Download View,Search View,Browser View,Settings View.

Vdownloader can download and convert videos from the following sites:
* Youtube (in HD if available)
* Google Video
* DailyMotion
* MySpace
* Veoh
* GoFish
* Netlog
* Blip TV
* Porkolt
* Metacafe
* 123 Video
* Bolt
* Vreel (Beta)
* Clevver
* Tudou
* VSocial
* Lulu TV
* Guba
* HideBehind
* Dale al Play
* Yahoo! Video
* Hispavista