Thursday, October 23, 2008

Site Advisor

McAfee Site advisor
Surfing internet in a safe way without compromising browser security is easily said than done in the current scenario as innumerable viruses, spywares, adwares etc. rules the web world.McAfee Site advisor helps you to distinguish between safe and unsafe sites and thus protects your valuable data and system.

Site Advisor is a plug-in which easily integrates to browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla firefox. Site advisor is visible as a green button in your browser as long as you are searching safe sites.It can warn you about unsafe sites depending on the degree of threat by changing the green color to yellow or red.You can also request for a full test report of the site.Full test reports can reveal so many facts including the the unsafe sites to which it is linked, types of threats including names of adwares it can induce, a summary of report,possible precautions etc.

Why I recommend SiteAdvisor
  1. 100% Free.
  2. It does not affect browsing or searching speed.
  3. Really useful in day to day computing.
  4. You can distinguish between safe and unsafe sites without visiting them.
  5. You can understand the level of threat and type of threat.
  6. You can find the sites linked to the parent site and see their credibility also.


  1. i think site adviserr is not 100pc freeware its commercial version software available, please correct me if i am wrong.


  2. McAfee site adviser has got a paid version also and naturally it has got some more enhancements than the free version.The free version is also really great as it provides all the features mentioned in the review and it is 100% free.