Sunday, November 16, 2008

Greenfish Icon Editor

Greenfish Icon Editor is an easy-to-use, yet professional icon and cursor editor.It is in many ways different from other icon editors and is somewhat like a photo editor.It uses ICO and CUR formats and can store multiple images in any color depth. It supports dynamic color depth. ie. Greenfish Icon Editor will automatically detect the count of colors used, and update the color depth accordingly.You can also create animated cursors and GIF files.Example is shown here.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro can currently open and save ICO, CUR, ANI, PNG, XPM, BMP, JPEG and GIF formats.
  • The ANI format is used for storing animated cursors.
  • The PNG format is the ideal solution when saving only a single page.
  • The XPM format is mainly used on Linux platforms.
  • The BMP format does not support transparency and is always uncompressed.
  • The JPEG format does not support transparency and has a lossy compression method. It is excellent when saving photos but far not suitable for icons.
  • The GIF format can store at most 256 colors using a lossless compression method, which is not as powerful and modern as the PNG compression, but it can be used for storing animations
  • Use batch conversion if you want to convert several image files to icons, icons to image files, etc. at one time.
To view a screen shot click here

Why I recommend this software.
  1. Easy to use, lightweight, no installation (portable)
  2. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is not just an icon editor, but it can also be used to create other small images with alpha channel as well.
  3. It can be used for Creating artistic text.
  4. It can create animated icons.
  5. Easy to use interface

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