Sunday, November 23, 2008

KM Media Player

The most annoying experience while trying to play a video file is to see that your media player has failed to open it.The main reason for this problem is the non availability of Codecs(Coding decoding files) for that particular video format.One way to overcome this problem is to install a good codec pack like Klite kodec pack.But still you may fail with some formats.

KM Player which is currently supported by Pandora TV is the best media player available in the industry today.I can say this with confidence based on my own experiance and the feedbacks from many of my friends to whom I have recommended this cute utility.Surprising fact is that I have not found any format which cannot be played by KM Player till date.It has got a sleek design and a decent look.Many skins are also available to make it more beautiful.Quality of video playback is excellent and it has got loads of useful features as bonus. A portable version of KM Player is also available which you can download here.



  1. I've been using it for a year or so and it is the best player out there definitely . The Default skin is now different than the one in your screenshot, but you can download the old one ( which looks nicer by the way ). The number of configuration options is great ( maybe too great for inexperienced users ), you have every codec built in, anf you can use external ones if you prefer ( CoreAVC for .mkv files for example :) )
    I just hope that the development will not slow down, now that Pandora bought it ...

  2. KM player has become a popular one. It has served great in corporate level of usage.

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