Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Comodo Firewall

Firewall is expected to be the first line of defense of your system in protecting private information. A system without a good firewall installed is a real cake walk for hackers. In the current era of e-commerce any lapse in protecting informations like passwords and other sensitive informations could prove to be detrimental. Sad part of the story is that you will never know that your system is hacked by somebody, if firewall is not good enough. Many people think that as a free firewall is provided with Windows, no additional firewall is required. You will understand how primitive Windows firewall is if you have ever used a dedicated firewall.
Comodo firewall is a real killer with great features and will offer near complete protection to your system. The interface is really simple and will not create any difficulty for even a beginner. In first few days of system usage you may get popups very often and comodo will ask you many things. You need not panic as this is just the learning process of comodo to understand the net connections and our preferences. If you give correct responses in the beginning it will never disturb you much in the future.
One thing you have to remember is that while installing use the advance mode ie "firewall with maximum proactive defense +" if you are a net freak. You can decide upon the option to be used depending on your net usage pattern. View screenshot.
Comodo firewall comes bundled with free antivirus software also and you can optionally decide to install or not to install it. My personal recommendation is to avoid it if you have any other good antivirus program like avast which is also free.
When you open the software the main tabs you see are Summary, Firewall, Defense, and Miscellaneous. Click the respective words to see the screen shots.

Why I recommend this software.
  • High performance
  • Does not affect system performance negatively.
  • Simple interface
  • Lots of useful features bundled.


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