Friday, January 2, 2009

DesignWorkshop Lite -the best free 3D design tool

DesignWorkshop Lite is a fast, innovative and creative tool for creating spatial models, images, and walkthroughs, from initial sketches to polished presentations.This three-dimensional modeling software will be really handy for architectural design and related endeavors.
The power and flexibility of DesignWorkshop are based on the direct manipulation of 3D objects in three-dimensional space. This is accomplished with a three-dimensional crosshair, controlled by the standard Macintosh mouse. Dragging the mouse around on the table top moves the crosshair around in a horizontal plane, and dragging the mouse with the Option key (the Alt key for Windows) held down (option-dragging) moves the crosshair vertically in the model space.
Models are built from solid objects such as blocks, which are drawn with the Block tool by dragging out a base rectangle, and then option-dragging up the height in continuation. Although a full range of views are available for editing, most work is accomplished in a realistic perspective or axonometric view.
With DesignWorkshop, 3D designers can quickly and easily sketch out spatial ideas in three dimensions, then develop them quickly and easily using flexible CAD-accurate editing, alignment, and snapping functions. Then automatic texture-mapping and real-time QuickDraw 3D rendering with lights and textures bring your design visions quickly to life. This process is so fast and easy, you really do have to see it to believe it.

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