Monday, January 12, 2009

Jarte -a word processor which you will love to use.

Jarte is a cute word processor based on the stable Microsoft wordpad engine which is fast starting, easy to use and creates documents fully compatible with Microsoft word and wordpad. Jarte is created to make writing a joyful experience with a revolutionary interface by including only the features likely to be needed by real people.what really makes Jarte special is the unique way it makes the features that are included easily accessible.
Jarte has got three menu styles and with just one click(Sorry, you need not even click it, just keep the mouse over the button) you can change the complete interface into minimal, compact and classic as you please.It supports tabbed documents and you can open several documents at the same time.It is Jarte's thoughtful details that will leave you wondering how you lived with that cumbersome office word processor for so long.
Jarte is fully compatible with vista and can open files with extension RTF, DOC and DOCX (new default format in Word 2007).Optional "Clickless Operation" feature greatly reduces clicking. Documents can be created in Rich format or plain format as you like.It has got a quality spell checker with custom user dictionary and integrates with free WordWeb through internet.
You can easily install a portable version into your pen drive from the installed Jarte and you need not have any installation file for that.This is a feature which I love to see in other softwares also.
Install Jarte and give it a try,you will redefine your writing experience.


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  1. Jarte, is a wonderful word processor. it gives a good substitute to Microsoft word,I used it quite a few times and its lovely, very easy to use and user friendly.